A Revolution Begins With an Idea

zPaper has an idea that will revolutionize the way you use Salesforce. If your company thrives on fast, secure data exchanges, then join our revolution! Fax-to-Email alone is just not enough for a business. It’s time for a document management solution that works on multiple levels within Salesforce. Do you need an integrated process that takes your inbound documents and puts them to work for you to increase productivity? Is there a way to automate Salesforce functions and truly leverage the power of the cloud? There is, and zPaper knows how to do it!

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We Accelerate Your Salesforce Business

zPaper leverages the power of the cloud to help your business perform more efficiently and effectively. Using the power of the Salesforce Platform we work hard to make your business more productive and efficient.

There are any number of ways we make Salesforce more powerful whether it is enhancing the fax capabilities of your service to automating entire aspects of your business freeing your employees from monotonous work and production.

Learn how we supercharge Salesforce.

Learn about our Salesforce fax management solution.

Learn how you can do document collaboration right in Salesforce

Manage your forms more effectively right in Salesforce

See how seriously we take security.

A powerful set of tools built specifically for the Salesforce platform

Creating a Business Management Strategy Beyond Just a CRM

zPaper has developed a comprehensive integration with Salesforce, allowing users to seamlessly create documents. This allows your business to manage its documents more effectively. You can also automatically capture data, allowing your employees to do more pressing tasks. Your staff can process and manage documents right in Salesforce eliminating missteps that occur when switching between tools. You can even send and receive faxes directly from the Salesforce console or Salesforce1 interfaces. No need to have that clunky fax machine around the office.

There are any number of ways we improve Salesforce but more importantly there are countless ways we can improve your business. With our fully customizable Salesforce solution we are fully confident we can accelerate your business in ways you never imagined.

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create & capture

zPaper solutions create interactive forms and documents, facilitate the capture of data from desktops, email, fax or mobile devices.

Automatically update Salesforce records and capture data online or offline from mobile devices.

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process & manage

zPaper solutions streamline an organization’s business by processing documents and data while executing workflows and tasks.

Automate document collaboration, storage and management of various file types integrated with Salesforce, and other enterprise systems.

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send & receive

zPaper solutions automate processes around the sending and receiving of documents whether via fax, email, scans or mobile devices.

The zPaper platform extends Salesforce1 actions with fax processing and secure delivery strategies.

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Creating a Meaningful Healthcare Experience for Those Who Need it Most

zPaper is a firm believer in finding a cause that is meaningful to you and supporting in every way possible. Because of that foundation towards giving back we partner with Care Harbor, the Salesforce Foundation, and other volunteer organizations to bring healthcare to those who need it, but can’t afford it. It has been four years in a row that zPaper participated in Care Harbor LA, one of the largest free health clinic events held in the US. We're looking forward to it expanding to other cities around the country in the coming years.

So many people are helped with medical problems, dental problems, eye problems and more. In fact it has become not only a source of giving back but an opportunity to show how healthcare on the Salesforce platform fully automated can really have a huge impact on how people are treated.

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