Fax: How zPaper optimized faxes for Salesforce

The history of zPaper is a long winding road of discovery and development that stretches back to 2005 when we were known as KnowledgeBin. Originally we were formed as a humble digital paper platform that worked with a single client. We were brought on board with them to solve an inbound fax need they had within their own system.

What we discovered as we developed their solution is at the heart of what we initially set out to do, provide software as a fax solution, was something more. However, this initial plan was quickly rethought because of “cloud based computing.” Information and software provided in a single location where multiple companies could access it and use it became a very enticing prospect.

So in 2006, just one year after our idea of providing an in-house propriety software platform was conceived we adapted it for this incredible business shift and we developed an inbound fax solution called myfaxbin. We incorporated this technology into the company we knew would become the standard bearer for the cloud computing world known as Salesforce.

Over the course of that year it became obvious that we were headed into a whole new world of data management and in 2007 Ken Schumacher was brought on board. His extensive knowledge in the world of fax, document, health care, and small business management brought a new energy and direction to the company. It was also at this time we expanded our functionality to include outbound faxing.

The growth and demand for our services on Salesforce is exciting and powerful.

Just one year after Ken was brought on board we brought on board our dedicated support staff to handle our growing fax client base. It was also in 2008 where are services expanded, yet again, to handle form management. This added even more capabilities to our growing fax solution. Not only did we handle our clients faxes but we now were allowing them to dynamically manipulate the content of those faxes with interactive form technologies on their outbound faxes.

This new technology, dubbed myformbin, enabled us to help clients in ways we hadn’t even imagined just three years before. It was because of this technology we were able to bring on SquareTrade as a client, and anyone who has ever done anything with eBay has most likely used SquareTrade, and because of that…us, through their purchases.

2008 was a big year for yet another more profound reason!

VNSNY become our client as well, breaking us into the health care industry with one giant thrust. The needs in the health care industry were perfectly suited for what we did and where we wanted to go. Surprisingly we also gained our first international client, iFinancial Solutions out of Canada. Though Canada may not seem all that “international” for a company in the US in 2005 we weren’t even thinking outside of Atlanta, let alone across an international border.

Taking into consideration our incredible growth to date 2009 would seem like it was a slow year. We continued helping our clients, didn’t gain any new clients, but most importantly created a new data capture technology which would ultimately revolutionize what we did as a company. Though our data capture technology integrating with fax machines wasn’t an immediate landslide of new business, we knew in time it would be the crux of what we were about. So, in our eyes 2009 was a huge year!

And then, the Fax windfall…

The “lull” that was 2009 was quickly upended the following year with an onslaught of major new clients. Advanced MD, MedRisk, Royal Canin, Scott & White, iNova, and Proctor & Gamble all became our clients broadening our horizons and fields of influence. It was also in 2010 that we started to explore the world of mobile devices. The invention of the iPad by Apple was a huge step in how we could better serve our clients moving forward and we were determined to unleash our clients on the world with myfaxbin unleashed and mydocbin.

We also volunteered our services to a unique event in Los Angeles known as “Modern House call.” This is an event where people show up for free medical services for a weekend. Little did we know at the time it would grow and expand drawing support from Salesforce and countless generous medical practitioners into a powerful symbol of giving. It has since changed names to CareHarbor. We are truly proud to be a part of this incredible annual event.

Suddenly we were more about providing a Fax Solution on Salesforce!

In 2011 a shift in thinking caused us to reevaluate how the world perceived us. KnowledgeBin no longer fully encompassed who we had become and we set out to re-brand. Enter zPaper as you know it! With a focus now on providing integrated business solutions, not just a fax solution, for all our clients and every field our purpose required an expansion of our identity.

Though our growth will continue and our determination to better serve our clients in the cloud based business world will need constant adjustment, zPaper is now the technological standard for fax and form solutions whether you are at your desk or on the go! We look forward to the years ahead where we can serve you in a way that dramatically improves how you do business.

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Eric Stephens

Eric Stephens

Founder & CTO

For the last 20 years, our CTO and founder, Eric Stephens, has made significant contributions on projects with DARPA, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Optima Technologies, ADP, U.S. Department of Energy, Hughes, the Department of Defense, and NASA. Now those best of breed techniques and digital paper solutions are being brought to the private sector by zPaper.