Frequently Asked Questions

Who is zPaper?

zPaper is a digital paper solutions company located in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently partners with customers, resellers and affiliates nationwide.

What can zPaper offer?

zPaper provides customized digital paper solutions for businesses who are seeking to alleviate “paper pain” that detracts from their core business and bottom line. We work with your existing systems to enable them to store, search, and share digital paper including faxes, invoices, emails, webpages, contracts, signature pages, personnel files, training materials, and product data.

How was zPaper formed?

Over the past 15 years our CTO and Founder, Eric Stephens, has developed this technology as a means to increase paper management efficiencies. Dr. Stephens’ clients and affiliations include DARPA, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Bristol-Myers Squibb, ADP, U.S. Department of Energy, Hughes, the Department of Defense, Georgia Tech, and NASA.

Throughout the years, he saw the need for companies to be able to focus on their core business and not the day-to-day management of paper, faxes, emails, files, and folders. zPaper delivers an enterprise-class solution for a small business price.

What is zPaper’s cost structure?

We believe managers and CIOs are tired of software vendors selling a licensed/seat version, charging large, ambiguous up-front fees, and leaving them with aging and brittle software.

zPaper’s philosophy is simple: our customers are partners, not simply purchasers. We pride ourselves on referrals from both large and small, past and present “partners.” zPaper will directly and
quickly add to your bottom line, allowing you to focus on your core business as we focus on ours.

Our solutions never grow stale because our service is provided “On-Demand.” Pay for what you use; don’t pay for what you don’t use. No upfront licensing fees, no new software to learn, no new hardware to purchase, and no undue stress on your already-strapped IT department.

How can zPaper help me?

The most important item on your desk right now probably involves, “Pain” or “Fire.” Trying to put it out effectively distracts you and your staff from your core business. If this pain involves the storing, searching, or sharing of information, contact us! We provide on-demand custom solutions that add a whole team of digital paper experts to your staff for less investment than a part-time employee.