Intelligent Faxing

The days of standing next to the fax machine awaiting that crucial document are over. zPaper:Fax stores and manages faxes by turning incoming and outgoing faxes into intelligent documents that automatically route to the appropriate folders and recipients. Sending faxes no longer requires an actual fax machine. Rather, zPaper makes it possible to send faxes via any web-enabled device, including tablets and smart phones. Once captured or sent, information related to each fax is collected and stored within the Salesforce platform.

Inbound Fax Services

zPaper Inbound Fax ServiceszPaper Inbound Fax Services provide the basis for many of the other zPaper services that provide additional features for maintaining, enhancing, and sending faxes from Salesforce or any other CRM. Some of these features include fax routing, new record generation, a robust search function, and the ability to complete all of these tasks on any mobile device.
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Outbound Fax Services

zPaper Outbound Fax ServiceszPaper Outbound Fax Services makes it easy to send faxes from any web-enabled device. Files from any computer or network can be combined with cover sheets, templates, and signatures for immediate or future delivery without ever touching an actual sheet of paper. These faxes can be single, one-time, mass, or recurring faxes. Once the fax has been sent, zPaper automatically logs the Salesforce Activity, retains an image copy for future review and editing, and updates necessary fields that allow workflows to be triggered.
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