Mobile Services

zPaper on the Go

zPaper continues to be on the leading edge of technology. We are constantly exploring and researching the new technologies that will help your business succeed. We are proud to announce that we offer all of our services on the go. We call it zPaper:Mobile.

    zPaper:Mobile fills the gaps between mobile browsers and your day-to-day business needs.

  • It includes its own on-device briefcase capabilities..No network, no problem.
  • It supports camera and voice capture…No scanner, no problem.
  • It supports VGA output on all devices, Bluetooth, and streamed video that works with, GoToMeeting, and WebEx…No cables, no problem.

Now, even if you have to catch a flight or are out of the office on a business trip, you’re not out of touch. You can access your zPaper, and other cloud accounts effortlessly, lead hands-on in document discussions, markup, and sign all from the road.

No longer will you be tied to your desk waiting for faxes, approvals, or revisions to arrive. Now you are indeed free to roam the country.

zPaper:Mobile unleashes users so that they can access real-time dashboards, records, and documents from their mobile devices. Documents can also be captured from emails, photos, and other applications.

Compatible Devices