Mobile Services

Go, zPaper, Go!

Many professionals carry their office in their pockets these days. Your conference room follows you everywhere on your smartphone. Tablets transform any tabletop into a workstation. Even your wristwatch – the  kids call them “wearables” – is linked to limitless stores of knowledge, accessed with a mere flick of the wrist.

zPaper isn’t bound to its desk and knows that you aren’t, either. Our staff is comprised of technicians with a wealth of experience in getting the job done far from the amenities of an office. We’ve been there: editing documents at a diner in the dead of night; approving proposals while wedged into business class; simultaneously checking voicemail and brushing our teeth at the bathroom sink; hosting product support discussions down at the DMV.

Let zPaper Outfit You for the Road Ahead

You won’t always have an Internet connection on your travels, so be sure to take a briefcase. zPaper:Mobile enables you to carry data with you and upload it when you get a chance. Leave that scanner at the office; even the most portable is bulkier than what we offer. Drop the fax machine, too. zPaper:Mobile replaces both of those tools with your device’s built-in camera. Forgot a file back at home base? No need to sift through email attachments or fetch the file from a stored location. Your cohorts can zap it directly to your mobile device with zSend.

zPaper enjoys a good show, so regale your team with tales of your travels by projecting your mobile device onto bigger screens and even screens across the country. Plan projects with your partners in Pittsburgh and Portland with zPaper:Mobile and get the deal closed and contract signed. Brainstorm with distant department heads as you edit and distribute documents all over the world, all from your phone or tablet.

So go forth and be productive. zPaper is packed and ready to travel with you.