zPaper docChat™: Mark-up, Sign and Meet

Collaborate over Documents

docChat™ by zPaper provides the ability to digitally edit existing documents. These documents can be in any format such as Word, PDFs, scanned documents, or faxes.

docChat™ works on any web-enabled device and is accessed via any browser. Mark-up tools are available to be added as a layer on top of the actual document. The original document is saved for easy reference, and any set of alterations is saved as layers. Available alteration tools include underlining, circling, highlighting, annotating, adding a signature, and even adding vocal notes to the document.
Collaborate on any document, any time, from anywhere.
This document mark-up process does not just happen at the individual level. docChat™ meetings can be set up around a document. No other tool offers this level of collaboration around one document.

As one member of an online meeting makes a mark-up change, all members of the group can see the change being made. Access can be set for each specific user to where some can have mark-up access and others can just view. At the end of the docChat™ meeting, one administrator can save the final agreed-upon draft and that layer will be saved. Those changes can then be emailed, faxed, or collaborated upon further.