Collaborate with your team using docChat

zPaper docChat™: Collaborate with Your Colleagues

Are the members of your team spread across the country, or even the globe? Let’s say they travel constantly, or work from field offices stationed all over the world. There’s Mark in southern Florida, Cory over in the Rockies, Camille on a sales junket in southwest Asia, Julian working from his home office in Belgium, and Joseph dialing in from his beachside deck in Cabo San Lucas. You want to keep everyone on the same page — working together on a project plan, handling operational matters, collaborating on contract negotiations – and you need a strong set of tools to get the job done.
Collaborate on any document, any time, from anywhere.

Everyone is Invited to Collaborate

Here’s where docChat™ comes in handy. Your team members can access docChat™ from any web-enabled device using their favorite browser. There’s nothing to install that isn’t already on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Everyone who has a stake in the contents of your company’s important documents can join, and letting them in to the meeting simply doesn’t get easier. Mark can underline or circle text and images in need of an update. Cory can highlight text to draw the reader’s eye. Camille can annotate her ideas for future revisions directly on the page, then save a copy to her hard drive. Julian can sign his approval of the final version using zPaper’s secure digital signatures. Joseph can even dictate his proofreading and fact-checking notes as an audio file, attaching it to the page for instant retrieval by every participant.

Enhanced Visibility. Scalable Access. Superior Version Control.

The olden days of editing a document alone or in small groups, passing it to the next department for their input, waiting for revisions, chasing muddled versions to their last-known editor, and overlooking important requirements are over. When you collaborate document changes appear in real-time; every participant can see them as they are applied. User-specific permissions prevent confusion and mistakes: some may edit, while others may watch, and the meeting moderator can change those allowances as needed. Draft layering enables your team to fall back to a previous version of the document while keeping interim updates in a safe, accessible place. Once the document is perfect, collaborate however you like. You and your colleagues can even revisit the document for more edits at a later date.

On the Same Page. Literally.

With docChat™, zPaper empowers your team with direct control and easy access to your company’s documentation. Work side-by-side with your colleagues wherever you are to streamline the discussion of critical publishing tasks. docChat™ provides a secure, accessible venue for crafting detailed materials at the right level of involvement.