Document Management

Managing documents is as easy as getting email

Document ManagementzPaper adds another dimension to Salesforce by integrating a robust document management system within the popular CRM system. This feature stores a variety of types of documents, including faxes, emails, and files uploaded directly from a user’s computer. Documents can be accessed, searched, and sorted in a similar way to an email inbox interface.

The document becomes a tool to be used as necessary in any situation. For example, documents can be manipulated and then faxed or emailed immediately to any contact. Even if the document is manipulated multiple times, the original is still saved and accessible. Individual pages of multi-page faxes or PDF docs can be singled out, manipulated, and sent. Additionally, the following can take place within the zPaper document manager:

  • attach document links to multiple records in Salesforce
  • give documents specific status tags
  • forward documents as a fax to other members of a team or to outside parties
  • share the fax with others via a URL
  • rotate the pages
  • append them to a master file or documents
  • search through faxes
  • view faxes from anywhere on any web-enabled device

zPaper Document Management