Salesforce Document Management Built Just for You

Document Management in Salesforce Made Easy. Really Easy

What do you want to do with your organization’s documents? Whatever you do, zPaper will help to get your work done quickly and easily using a range of Salesforce document management tools.

Easy Storage

Still moving a lot of information over your office fax line? With zPaper, you can receive those pages in Salesforce, as many pages as you need; zPaper has access to virtually unlimited secure storage. Keep your hardcopy fax machine for nostalgia, if you want, but we’ll handle your telecopies from here. Document management in Salesforce changes everything.

Do your clients prefer to exchange documents via eMail? No worries: you can route message attachments into Salesforce, too, ready to plug into zPaper’s robust document management system.

Document Management is about reducing paperwork & saving trees.

Other methods of information exchange? zPaper thought of those and will work them into your document management solution. Do you have a loose collection of files on a flash drive? Upload them to the right place in Salesforce. Need to revise an old document languishing behind your corporate firewall? Fetch it directly from an intranet page or network folder, add it to your online body of work for easy access. Did someone just hand you a sheet of paper – folded, slightly crinkled – that needs to be in the hands of an important client within mere minutes? Snap a photo of that page with your cell and zPaper:Mobile. We’ll convert it to a PDF and help you to locate the Salesforce document management record where it belongs. You’re well on your way to sharing the document with a satisfied client.

Consolidate your documents in zPaper, all with a few easy clicks of your mouse. Remember the theme, here: easy!

Easy Access

Your customer orders, work orders, invoices, questionnaires, employee HR forms, and product one-sheets are all in one system. The next step is typically the hardest part of managing documents, but with zPaper it’s…you guessed it. zPaper can help you to serve those Salesforce documents to the right audience.

Identify and prioritize customer orders with zPaper Document Types. Let your team know which orders are pending and which were fulfilled with zPaper Status Tags. Forward a work order to your favorite contractor, then let Salesforce alert you when they send it back completed. Sign your invoices digitally and assign them to the next approver in the chain. Access your questionnaires in a sorted list from any Web-enabled device, from any location. Combine HR forms into a single master document for each employee. Making Salesforce document management even easier. Collaborate on your product one-sheets in real-time with other teammates using Salesforce all over the planet. Everyone can then save and share their changes instantly. This makes our Salesforce document management solution one that becomes more document collaboration. If you change your mind, the original document is still available. You have no need to erase anything when you can pull an untouched copy out of zPaper.

You decide who can access your documents, where, and how. With zPaper’s scheduled delivery, you can even arrange when documents are distributed. zPaper covers the question of why: because Salesforce document management is really easy for us. We believe it should be for you, too.

Easy Customization

zPaper understands that all of the generic examples provided above might apply to only a part of your business. That’s why zPaper Solutions are customized to the way you and your team work. Let us know what you do for a living, and our Salesforce-Certified Solution Engineers will advise on a process that incorporates all of zPaper’s strengths. We won’t leave you guessing whether your company is getting the most value from your Salesforce document management tools. Using our expertise, the range and flexibility of our partnership program, our hands-on implementation model, and reportable results, zPaper makes it really easy to get your money’s worth.

There’s that word again: easy.