Inbound Fax from

Taking inbound fax to an entirely different level.

We understand that many businesses still use a traditional fax machine to handle a lot of their day-to-day operations. Your business may take an inbound fax, pull out the data, and manually enter it into your Salesforce account. No matter how you fax, this undoubtedly can consume countless man hours.

“You might think this is the only inbound fax solution available.”

Inbound fax from Salesforce has never been easier.

Sure, there are other services out there which claim to make it simpler and more efficient, but these electronic fax solutions only scratch the surface of your needs. You need something that can take that document and make it work for your company, to improve your work-flow.

“Introducing the zPaper Inbound Fax platform built specifically for Salesforce.”

With the zPaper platform, incoming faxes can be processed according to your specific business needs, not just by doing a cookie cutter, “everyone gets the same button”, solution. No matter what your needs are we can customize our services to those needs and make your faxes work for you.

With zPaper you can apply business rules, faxes can be routed and attach either to existing records or auto-created Salesforce records, as well as other tasks. Salesforce workflows can be invoked to send email notifications, update status fields, create new tasks or trigger other work-flows. Using business logic, we take a simple fax and turn it into a tool which fully connects Salesforce and your business processes.

Not only does our service help your company with incoming faxes, it will also help in finding and building future faxes, learn more about that here. Since all faxes are accessible from a centralized location, searching through existing faxes becomes a very easy process. Searches can be conducted by any number of criteria such as date, recipient, and more. This allows you to better track, record, and audit what faxing your business has been conducting.

We can help your business stop wasting time with repetitive fax work and data entry. Let us help you free your employees from the fax machine by building a solution customized specifically to your needs.

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