Outbound Fax From Salesforce.com

Building and sending faxes, to one or thousands, can be as easy as counting to three.

So many fax “services” on the market today can effectively handle one aspect of faxing; incoming fax or outgoing fax. Unfortunately for businesses entrenched with their fax machines this can be a frustrating process. That happens with an out-of-the-box solution. It does one thing well but not everything you need. If it does do everything it doesn’t do them as well as you need. We would like to introduce you to the zPaper fax platform built for Salesforce.com.

The zPaper platform is a fully custom solution for your business needs. It handles inbound as well as outbound fax.

However, if outbound fax is important to you, we have the perfect answer to incorporate into your business.

Outbound fax services built on Salesforce can radically change how your business operates.

With the zPaper platform your outbound fax documents can be sent on demand. Send them manually or through work-flow automation. We can allow you to send a document from your local drive, a network, or a cloud based program. We can do this in a myriad of ways.

By leveraging the zPaper template solution, you can choose from a library of templates. You can also create custom templates that fit specific needs. We can even go a step beyond both of those. Your outbound fax solution for Salesforce can be configured to use field value conditions to select the right template automatically. The templates can then be merged with the Salesforce data to personalize your communication pieces before delivery. All of this can be done automatically.

Think about that for second. You can have your outbound fax built automatically with absolutely no human interaction needed! It can choose the template. Then it populates the data directly from your Salesforce account.

Once the fax is sent the process doesn’t just stop. Unlike other cookie cutter products that only deliver your fax, zPaper automatically logs the disposition of the fax as a Salesforce activity. It then retains a copy for future review and audit. If that isn’t enough it also enables reporting. Work-flows can be triggered ensuring that your outbound fax is completely integrated into your business.

Think about having a fully automated customized solution ready to do exactly what you need. Why not allow your fax process to work for you instead of being just another step in the process.

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