Forms Management

Collecting information from clients, vendors, prospects or partners is one of the most important tasks for any company. Once collected, properly storing this information with the ability to search and retrieve it is an equally important task. The situation for most companies is such that forms exist in a variety of formats such as web-based HTML, paper, and PDF forms.

zPaper addresses each of these issues by consolidating all form sending and collecting into one location that connects with the Salesforce platform. The information gathered from a zPaper form is immediately stored on secure servers for future use. Business logic is connected to this information so that any future forms sent to the same person will not ask for information that is already known.

The main zPaper:Form functions are the creation of the form, entering data into that form, and capturing data from clients and leads.

Form Generation

zPaper connects the form creation process to the Salesforce platform, providing automatic connections between form data and the contact. zPaper also makes creating and choosing a form template as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Data Entry

zPaper simplifies the data entry process by using business logic to associate specific data with specific clients or fields. All related forms can then be set to automatically pre-populate with known data. Additionally, common data choices can be set up for each field, making data entry less prone to errors.

Data Capture

Load and customize your own forms by typing your information just one time and save that data into Salesforce with a single click. Visibility is instant so all the people who need to know get to know as soon as it happens. Deploy your company’s resources quickly and effectively.