Data Capture

Seamless Data Capture via PDFs and Forms

zPaper takes the frustration out of collecting data from forms for both the collecting company and the client. Forms can be sent to the client directly by email. Data already captured is filled in and does not require the client to fill it in again. This makes clients happy and drastically reduces the opportunity for data entry error. The easier the form interface is for the client, the greater the response rate will be.

The entire process is simple. The company wishing to collect data from clients or leads sends an interactive PDF form through email to the intended recipient. The recipient only fills in the fields where data does not currently exist and all data is saved directly within Salesforce. zPaper also saves an image of the completed form to be accessed at any time in the future.

zPaper Data Capture

For the company collecting the data, the client becomes the person entering the data. The collecting company is no longer responsible for collecting forms, completing the data entry, and verifying everything is correct. This process is essentially outsourced to the client.