Data Capture

Data Capture can Revolutionize the Way Your Business Works.

Imagine a world in which information vital to a project, a patient’s health, or a client order is transported instantly and securely to the people in your organization who need it most. With zPaper, you now live in that world, and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is the key to fast and seamless data capture.

Sit back and watch it work!

Capture data off any form, medical, tax, government and business

Load and customize your own forms or let zPaper’s experts configure one for you. Type your information – just once! We’ll remember the data you entered in case updates are needed later – and save it into Salesforce with a single click. Notify your team that you sent a hot order their way with an automated alert. Visibility is instant: data capture with zPaper populates the Salesforce record and stores a secure read-only image of the form at the same time. Deploy your company’s resources quickly and effectively with Salesforce workflows triggered as soon as your paperwork is ready.

Then what?

Customers can share in the fun, too. Distribute your zPaper forms on demand or place them securely on the Web. Clients can complete a form at their own pace, save their spot and return later as needed. They can verify their own data to cross every “t” and dot every “i,” then send it on to you quickly, satisfied with the knowledge that their information is safe, saved, and already in motion.

With zPaper, the information your company needs for success moves from page to database right away. So let’s get to work.