Data Entry Converts Physical Docs to Digital Docs

And, it has never been this easy.

Moving the written word from page to PC has challenged experts ever since the earliest days of office productivity. Some Salesforce data entry methods promise speed but compromise accuracy. Others are exact but complicated, limited in scope, or worse: too expensive.

zPaper provides the right combination of automation and user control in an affordable data entry solution that plugs right into your Salesforce environment.

Get in There!

Do data entry on any medical, business, or form you have.

Scan it. Fax it. Post it to Chatter. E-Mail it. Fetch it from a Web page. Digitize that sheet of paper in your hand with whatever method works for you; zPaper’s document management solutions cover them all. zPaper helps you to get that page into Salesforce, and that’s just the beginning…

Now What?

Your documents are secure and accessible to all the right people, but their information is trapped on the page. You’d like to report on specific data from that document, spread the data around a bit, maybe trigger a task or two: really unlock Salesforce’s strengths, if only you could pull those details from the document.

Whatever your data entry needs, zPaper can help. Field types are a non-issue: from checkboxes and radio buttons to single- and multi-picklist fields, we’ll fit right in with your data model. Is field validation important to you? It is for zPaper, too: Salesforce’s validation rules guard against blank values and uphold relationships, so it’s only natural for zPaper to enforce those same precepts. Concerned about redundancies? We won’t make you key it twice: if the Salesforce record is already populated, or if its fields contain a default value, you’ll see those details in the data entry panel.

Data Entry Sounds Easy

zPaper’s “See It As You Key It” interface places the source document right on the screen with your data entry panel, so transcription is easy on single or dual monitors. Open the page, open the panel, start typing: three quick moves and your data is unfrozen and underway.

zPaper locks the document while you work so no one else on your team accidentally duplicates your efforts, then marks the processed doc to let everyone know its status at a glance. Operate in the same workspace without tripping over one another.

Reporting using Data Entry

You and your team just wrapped a busy day putting critical data to work for your company. Let your bosses know how you did with Salesforce’s reporting tools. Show your supervisor the low response times and high record counts made possible with zPaper. Identify trends by document type or common field values. Highlight your most productive users and heap rewards upon them. The best news is that zPaper’s benefits are quantifiable: the value we provide for your data entry needs is easy to see.