About zPaper

We began as a digital paper platform in 2005, developing software solutions for businesses using fax as their primary communication outlet. Very quickly though, we realized that something called “cloud based computing” was emerging, and it was going to change everything. Since our goal was to make it faster and easier for businesses to handle and transmit information, it made sense to offer all of our clients the ability to work with their information in a single location. Our in-house proprietary software platform—what you know as zPaper today—was built on this goal.

“We wanted to create an end-to-end document solution leveraging the power of Salesforce” ~ CEO Eric Stephens

Just one year after developing this platform, we saw that Salesforce was going to be the flagship of the cloud computing world. In order to keep up with the needs of businesses that would be moving towards the cloud, we worked to develop an inbound fax solution that could be incorporated directly into Salesforce.

When we recognized that fax, document, health care, and small business management would be utilizing this cloud technology, we expanded our functionality to include outbound faxing and form management. This added even more capabilities to our growing fax solution. Not only did we handle our clients’ faxes, we could now offer them the ability to dynamically manipulate the content of those faxes with interactive form capabilities on their outbound faxes.

After being on the leading edge, and constantly evolving with new technology, we realized it was time for our company to rebrand. No longer were we a simple fax solution; we had become an integrated business technology provider for a multitude of clients. It was time to look at who we were, who we served, and how we told the world. We became more diverse and relevant and wanted to change our name to reflect that. Since becoming zPaper in 2011, we have continued to grow and adapt to the fascinating and ever-changing world of cloud-based business solutions. We knew that changing our name would not alter our dedication to the goal of accelerating business.

We look forward to doing that for you right now!