Analytics and activity logs taken to new heights

Salesforce has its own native analytics and activity logging tools. But many businesses decide to augment these tools with other software packages or plugins to get what they need. The problem with this is that users have to learn different interfaces, run multiple reports, and then merge them into a single document that plays well with others.

But with zPaper, both of these key tracking devices are combined into a single entity.

We’ve integrated everything with Salesforce – and it comes to you already set up with your zPaper installation.

Activity logs are good at showing you when things were done, but if you want to see what was done, you have to search for that record. zPaper makes the activity log “intelligent” by turning each item in the log into a link. And that link leads directly to the activity. If the activity log says that a record was updated, the link would take you to the updated record. And if you were to send out a mass fax to dozens of people, there would be a link to each individual record that was impacted by that mass fax.

Now integrate that capability into the analytics side of things, which tracks everything, from how many people viewed a record, and who they were, to the number of times a record has been updated. Again, with a single click, users can not only see when things happened but you would be able to look at what each item or event was with a single click.

The activity logs and analytics that are built into Salesforce are taken to new levels with zPaper.

We’ve given it a boost so your business can keep tabs on everything it is doing without having to work with ornery software and pesky plugins.

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