Healthcare that can go anywhere

Most professionals carry an entire office in their pockets these days. Conference rooms can be accessed anywhere from a Smartphone. Tablets can transform any tabletop into a workstation. Mobile technology means that we have to be mobile, too. Editing documents at a diner in the dead of night; approving proposals while wedged into economy class; simultaneously checking voicemail and brushing our teeth at the bathroom sink; hosting product support discussions down at the DMV—work can happen anywhere, anytime, and desks are becoming a thing of the past. But that freedom also can come with the burden of trying to find programs and tools that work well together and then ensuring everyone involved has the same set of tools or apps.

zPaper has made sure that doesn’t happen.

Our platform’s integration with Salesforce makes your tablet or phone a state-of-the-art the portable office, with the convenience of mobility combined with the security and reliability of cloud-based computing.

For the times when you don’t have access to the internet, zPaper allows you to carry data with you and upload it when you’re ready. Scanners and fax machines are replaced with your device’s built-in camera. Forgot a file back at home base? No need to sift through email attachments or fetch the file from a stored location. You and your co-workers can send it directly to your device. You can access and distribute one document or one hundred—zPaper and Salesforce make it easy. You can even give a business presentation or conduct a brainstorming session simply by projecting your device onto a larger screen right where you are in a conference room across the country. Whatever you need to do to keep your business running, we are there with the running shoes and an office that goes with you.

To see how this technology has been used in action go to our Care Harbor web page.

So go forth and be productive. zPaper is as mobile as you are.