Automatically Deliver Interactive Forms

Searching for documents and filling in form fields slows things down for everybody: doctors, administrators, management, clients and patients. zPaper’s solution sets up work flow triggers for the stream of documents that your business deals with everyday. These triggers are specifically designed for the work you do with your clients. Automated interactive forms streamline your business workflow with accurate information and secure delivery.

zPaper is committed to providing automation that is truly end-to-end. The process starts when workflow triggers are built and form fields are created and pre-populated before delivery. zPaper allows you to set up notifications in Salesforce so that you can manage future documents. The system can select the next template within a workflow and populate it with all the relevant information it needs directly from a designated record.

Recipients can edit or sign the automated interactive forms in real time without worrying about replicating—or losing—information.

Doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies can generate interactive forms for their patient, including referrals, appointments and medical records, and send them via secure email, fax or cell. The patient can fill out or sign the forms and send them back, triggering a separate workflow and keeping things moving. Salesforce keeps track of the flow of all of these documents so that you don’t have to. If the concept of fully automated workflows leaves you on edge, remember this: zPaper allows you to interact with forms at any point during the process manually if you want. You can review, edit, or add to the information contained in a document before you send it out.

zPaper’s automated interactive forms keeps your business moving at full speed. No more combing through stacks of documents and forms and figuring out which form goes with which patient.

Let zPaper accelerate your workflow today and keep the clients, not the documents, at the center of your business.

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