Automate emails with a personal touch

Your clients and patients are often asked to take a leap of faith. When they need to send an email or fax, they have to trust that their information is going to the right person and that it ends up in the right file with the correct records. Once they hit “Send,” they don’t know if the process is going to work, or if their information has been received. Add to that the fact that much of this information has sensitive and personal content, and you can understand why they might feel anxious. Sometimes they end up making phone calls or sending letters to get confirmation. But this is unnecessary. You can put them at ease right away with zPaper’s automated response solution.

Automated response emails are sent based on a specific action that you have set up ahead of time.

By using processing rules within Salesforce, zPaper can define an automated response to any detected condition with specific rule criteria. When the condition is satisfied, the corresponding email is sent. You can create auto response rules for any number of situations, all integrated and handled within Salesforce.

So when your patients and clients send you an email or fax, create a way for them to they get a confirmation email letting them know that their communication was received. It’s easy! You can even let them know that the information they sent is being processed and the next steps are in the works. It’s a personal touch. They no longer have to wonder if their information is floating around in cyberspace, subjected to insecure scrutiny, or lost.

This added level of security is a great way to help the people you serve feel that they important to you, and not just another cog in a machine.

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