An interface designed to make your life easier

A quick and easy way to see what is happening in your document workflow can help you answer the huge number of questions that come up in an average work day. You may need to let a client know his document has arrived, or you want to see what documents are associated with a particular Salesforce record. But searching for those records requires extra steps. Why not have one place where you can see what’s happening?

Enter the fully integrated zPaper console.

The zPaper console consolidates all your documents into one location with every aspect of the experience seamlessly available within your Salesforce console. With a new tab added to your existing Salesforce console you can explore documents, make changes, view summaries, as well as ascertain, via links, which record or location is associated with that document. Without leaving your Salesforce account. All of this data is captured in real time.

Though the initial screen has a snapshot of “today’s” transactions, you can, with the click of a tab, see documents that have been sent out and still maintain the ability to reference all the same information associated with them. You are not limited to just viewing preselected items in the received and sent columns. You can search by any number of parameters including: date, date range, incoming line, recipient number and, if the documents have been indexed, you can search by keyword or title. These options allow you to find very specific documents whenever you might need them. You can also track who did what with each document right from your console.

Whether you need to answer a client who is trying to figure out if her fax came through or need to research the history of a patient’s medical files…

zPaper gives you a quick and easy reference panel designed to make your life that much easier.

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