Organizing multiple document types has never been simpler.

The difficulty in handling business paperwork isn’t limited to volume alone; it often lies in the details. Most businesses deal with multiple types of documents that have to be categorized, filed, forwarded, and maintain their relationship to one another. This process is overwhelming and often adds unnecessary hours to employee time sheets.

But there is a solution waiting for you, and you can access it right now within Salesforce.

zPaper allows you to create automations based on what kind of document you are working with. Whether it’s a patient record or a government form, it is a document type, and each document type requires certain actions to occur with it. For each document type, admins can assign actions that will automatically be applied to that type of document each and every time one comes in. And if a document comes into the system as a new unassigned document, as soon as an employee manually assigns a document type to it, all the automations that need to happen with it will occur.

You can also assemble collections of documents that work in a series and apply rules directly to those collections. If a patient or client can only fill out one form after he or she has completed another, those rules can be applied within Salesforce. This guarantees that all the documents within a collection are associated in with one another in a logical way.

With a quick glance, users can see exactly what the status is of any given document process and can track how the documents within collections interact with one another. This dramatically reduces the amount of time your business spends tracking and managing paperwork.

Working with documents should be simple and fluid.

By applying rules within Salesforce, zPaper’s solution finally gives you a smooth and sophisticated document management system.

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