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Aligning healthcare documents in a digitally connected world

Ken Schumacher

Isabela Rzeznik

July 14, 2019

With “Please consider the environment before you print this email” disclaimers at the bottom of (almost) every email in your inbox, it might be surprising to discover that real, physical paper is still relevant to many businesses today.

Now, the Internet has us all connected and vast amounts of information are a few keystrokes away at any moment. If you work in the healthcare industry (or have been a patient in a doctor’s office), physical forms are part of check in, prescriptions, and countless other communications. Also, paper is universally accepted, easy to use, and backwards compatible.

Throughout the years, patient portals and powerful CRM systems have helped streamline record keeping. At the same time, the rigorous complexities of handling patient information along with a learning curve as well as HIPPA or HITRUST compliance have also increased the need for secure ways to transport information across systems. Through the continuous push for interoperability, there is no magic wand or special potion you can brew to get everything to work for all scenarios.

Those disconnected scenarios can cause an exorbitant amount of problems when trying to manage the end-to-end management of healthcare documents received across channels within a single experience.

As healthcare evolves,
so must the technology that supports it.

zPaper brings physical paper into the 21st century by making it much easier to process documents from different types of channels, including fax, scan, web portal, email, and ftp. This allows organizations to seamlessly manage documents across traditional, digital, and emerging channels as healthcare continues to evolve. Over the past decade, zPaper has helped our clients process millions of pages into key operational processes and workflows within Salesforce to quickly streamline patient access and fully connect the 360-view of patient.

Most importantly, our platform is built and continuously optimized for Healthcare and Lifesciences with a foundation of trust (HIPAA compliancy, HITRUST, etc.). This foundation has given customers the ability to securely customize and unify operational experiences through a platform of minimal boundaries to connect the 360-view of the patient. ​

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