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Three Reasons Documents Exists

Isabela Rzeznik

October 24, 2019

If you’ve checked your email today, more than likely, you have at least one survey, several attachments from your coworkers, and possibly a form you need to fill out. Working in a business setting implies that you’ll receive and manage documentation that flows into your inbox. You could fill out the survey, submit a form, or view an attachment, maybe even all three in one day.

These examples encompass the different types of documents that exist: story telling, information sharing, and attestation.

  • Story Telling​ - In our everyday lives, we are not immune to the marketing and branding of various products and businesses. The products we see are all competing for our limited attention and one of the most effective tools to quickly convey a message is through storytelling.
  • Information sharing​ - Documents such as Contracts, RFPs, RFIs, Consent, etc. are utilized to convey a record of a transaction, outline an agreement, or both.
  • Attestation - Agreement documentation is used to convey that an event has transpired for which two parties are accountable.

Documents are important because they contain valuable information

In the healthcare space, an enrollment form, a prescription, a discharge summary, an insurance form, and other documents make up an individual’s health record, all of which contain critical information for a patient’s care. These documents need to be able to move between different specialists or particular programs quickly. The documents are simply the carriers of data or evidence. For example, an insurance card is evidence that a patient is insured by an agency under a plan, whereas that same patient’s enrollment form has data unique to that individual.

How we help:

zPaper enables healthcare providers to store evidentiary information in the proper Salesforce record or account while collecting relevant data from filled out forms. ​ This unified Salesforce experience keeps operations productive no matter the document processing volume.

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