What is zPaper?

zPaper is a digital paper solutions company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are currently accelerating business processes for customers, resellers and affiliates nationwide. We partner with Salesforce, providing access to cloud-based computing technology with unprecedented access and security.

What does zPaper do?

zPaper provides a customized digital paper solution for businesses that want to stop managing documents at the cost of productivity and profit. We provide software that can integrate with whatever existing systems are already established within your business’ infrastructure. You can store, search, and share digital paper—including faxes, invoices, emails, webpages, contracts, signature pages, personnel files, training materials, and product data.

What does zPaper cost?

Our solutions never grow stale because our service is provided “On-Demand.” No upfront licensing fees, no new software to learn, no new hardware to purchase, and no undue stress on your already-strapped IT department. zPaper is accelerating business by offering enterprise-class solutions at a small business price.

How can zPaper help?

We provide on-demand custom solutions that add a whole team of digital paper experts to your staff for less investment than a part-time employee. zPaper knows that you need to focus on your core business and not the day-to-day management of paper, faxes, emails, files, and folders. And our Salesforce connection keeps all your documents integrated and accessible. Find out how zPaper is accelerating business, making the flow of information better every day so that you can do your job well.