Data Capture out of forms is truly simple.

Need to collect data from your patients? With a single click, you can create a form that is ready for data capture. Patients receive an interactive pdf form that includes pick lists, radio buttons, and required fields; offering these choices helps the patient fill out the form correctly the first time, reducing frustration and re-work. Patients can complete a form at their own pace, save their spot, and return later as needed. They can verify their own data and then send it on, knowing that their information is correct and secure. And zPaper has eliminated the need for patients to send forms back to you; once they hit “Save,” they are finished: zPaper takes over and saves the document. The data is then captured and routed directly into Salesforce.

Captured content is more accurate and requires less re-work than manual keying-in of data.

Since no manual typing is required, employees are able to process forms in bulk in quickly and efficiently. This optimizes your workflow and engenders a sense of competence and communication for everyone.

Interactive forms that doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies can generate through our data capture process include referrals, appointments and medical records. These forms can be sent to patients in the way that serves them best—via secure email, fax or phone. They can complete a form at their own pace, save their spot, and return later as needed, and once they send it on, they know that their information is saved and their process has been set in motion.
You have complete control over the form, function, and follow-up to the data that suits your organization’s needs. Whatever your preference, zPaper’s user-friendly design and full integration with Salesforce will reduce the time required for handling information that comes in through forms.

Keep patients and staff happy with fast and seamless data capture with zPaper.

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