Generate Living Documents

Nothing’s more frustrating than having to hire a team of technical wizards to generate interactive forms for your patients and clients. But since many forms are set up as static entities and are restricted in the kind of information that can be entered, a lot of energy is expended to make them work the way they should. Often users find themselves in the situation of not being able to move forward in creating new documents because they are overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes just to get started. Their only recourse is to call in a programmer to change things on the back end. This is inefficiency at its worst!

zPaper can help. We know that forms should be living documents, so we make sure that making changes is an easy process. We have developed the ability to integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce platform so that creating documents doesn’t have to interrupt the company workflow. Changes that naturally need to occur as new information comes in or old information changes happens seamlessly, allowing users to work without skipping a beat. These forms do the work for you!

Seamless document management, no matter what your workflow process looks like.

With zPaper’s Template Engine, it’s easy to generate and manage forms. Just click a button for the correct template. Manually input data or have the template capture data from records within Salesforce. The document is immediately populated with the necessary information. Then change and add to it as needed. No need to call IT for help.

When the form is completed, the relevant data and an image of the form are stored securely in Salesforce. Future documents relating to that form can be attached directly to the Salesforce record for easy retrieval. This process is a dream come true for healthcare, life sciences, insurance, tax, government and other form-heavy industries—and the people who work for them—it saves time, money, and frustration. zPaper technology adapts to the changing needs of your industry so that you can do your work.

Now you’re ready to send that living document via fax, secure email, or mobile device!

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