generate & send

Generate documents & forms with ease

Create dynamic forms with the click of a button. Our Template Engine gives you the freedom to generate interactive forms even if you need to make changes as the content evolves. When you’re ready send via web, mobile, secure email, or fax integrated fully with Salesforce.

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Securely deliver documents with confidence

Don't hesitate about sending crucial business documents to a client or patient because of concern over security. zPaper has solved the problem of sending documents securely to anything: fax, mobile or even legacy fax machines.

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Manually send like never before

There are times when automation just can't be used. A last minute form needs to be signed, a document has changed, or a new client has arrived. For those instances we have made manually sending documents as easy as ever.

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Work with Automatically Generated Interactive Forms

Truly end-to-end document automation has been built from the ground up in Salesforce. Using interactive forms your business documents can be fully automated from being created and sent to a client or patient all the way through receiving and filing.

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Mass Send Documents Securely

Securing information is always at the forefront of any online document communication. Sending sensitive information via the internet can involve countless potholes, especially when you want to mass send documents. Luckily zPaper has thought through those issues ahead of time in creating it's mass send solution for Salesforce.

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