Giving Back

Yes, we are a SaaS provider: we offer software as a service. But we like to extend the word “service” beyond the business world to the world around us. We believe in serving our clients to the best of our abilities. We also believe in community service— giving back to our community to help people live better lives. If we have done both types of service, we have done well.

Recently, zPaper has worked with Care Harbor, the Salesforce Foundation, and other volunteer organizations to bring healthcare to those who can’t afford it.

For four years in a row, zPaper participated in Care Harbor LA., one of the largest free health clinic events held in the US. Volunteers deliver medical, dental, vision, and follow-up care to thousands of families. zPaper’s technology provides the event with registration, medical data-collection technology and real-time analytics.

To learn more about this great event and organization please go to our Care Harbor page or visit their site at Also please visit to learn how this organization has helped over 19,000 non-profits, given over 525,000 hours of community service and donated over $53 Million dollars of grants.