Indexing documents into your document structure has never been easier.

What do your team members do when a stack of documents comes in to Salesforce? They groan, most likely. They know that the stack contains single documents all mixed together, and that someone will have to comb through them, split them up, and file them so that they are still associated with one another in the right way. A lot of time and energy is spent when the stack comes in, as well as in finding and reassembling them when it’s time to send them out again.

zPaper allows you to minimize the amount of energy used in splitting and attaching documents and doing the required data entry.

We also make sure those documents are associated with one another within Salesforce for easy access.

First, a member of your indexing team is notified that a document needs indexing. He or she is able to break apart the document so that each part can be sent or stored in its appropriate location. One part of the incoming document might be sent to an assigned Doctor, for example, and the second part might be forwarded on to the insurance company; a third part could be filed into a patient record, and a fourth part could be sent back to the patient to finish completing a part of the form.

Each part then, can act as an individual document following its own rules and direction, while still being associated with the entire stack of documents that came in initially. This allows tasks to be handled simultaneously and still maintaining the integrity of the original stack of documents.

With a simple interface and easy to understand functionality, the indexing tool built into zPaper allows you to work with documents coming into Salesforce on a level not yet seen in the business world.

Give those who manage these documents on a daily basis the tools they need to do it quickly and efficiently, without groaning.

See how zPaper helps you build more efficient connections.

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