Even manually sending documents is easy

While zPaper offers a whole suite of automated sending options, we also provide the ability for manually sending forms and documents. You can select documents from a hard drive, local area network, Salesforce content, Salesforce attachments, or the web and perform all the standard operation- based sending options you are familiar with.

But what about the times when integrated automated technology is too complex for what you need to do but complete manually sending way is too laborious? We have you covered.

By using our template engine technology, you can semi-automate the manual process.

Sending information to a recipient in Salesforce is as simple as opening their record, choosing a template from your library and hitting the send button. zPaper does the rest. Based on communication records within the recipients’ Salesforce record, our system knows where to send the document in a format that is best for them. A single click and the document is on the way.

For the times when only a portion or certain pages of a document need to be sent, users can manually choose the pages they want. Or they can select multiple documents from various sources and bundle them together. They can include their organization’s coversheet or attach a barcode for future tracking.

All of these options are available in our manual sending mode. You can have it as simple as a couple of clicks or customize it with a more complex process if necessary. The purpose of zPaper is for it to work the way you need it to, not force you to work within its parameters. Giving you the chance to find your own balance between totally automated workflows and manually sending options is the key to speed and efficiency.

Now your most tedious manual tasks can be seamlessly integrated into your business workflow.

See how zPaper helps you build more efficient connections.

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