Mark up & collaborate on documents in right in Salesforce

There are several collaboration tools on the market that allow teams to mark up documents and send them to people for input and edits. Even Microsoft Word allows you to implement and track changes within a document. The problem comes into play when you have to transfer those changes to files within Salesforce. Most people key in changes to documents manually, and that opens the door to “human error.” Taking the time to manually enter data, plus fixing the inevitable typos and other mistakes that happen because of it, eats up valuable time. It’s like doubling the workload.

Wouldn’t you rather just mark up the document once, right in Salesforce?

With zPaper you can. You can add a highlight, indicate that a signature is required, drop in a picture, draw, write, insert a graph or even record audio instructions with any document. And version control is easy. We put each mark-up on a different layer so you can always go back and reference the original or have it available for auditing purposes.

And multiple people can collaborate on documents. Team members can be invited to work on documents from any web-enabled device using their favorite browser. There’s nothing to install that isn’t already on their PC, Mac, or mobile device. Everyone who needs to have a say in the finished document can add their input. Invite them to work on it at their own pace or schedule a web-based meeting where you all work on the document at the same time right in Salesforce. zPaper ensures all your options are open to you.

Collaboration and mark up doesn’t require a series of specialized plug-ins any more. No worries about version compatibilities, availability, or losing versions due to someone saving over an older version accidentally. No fears of mistakes from overworked employees doing data entry.

With zPaper, you can maximize your team’s productivity and accuracy.

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