Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs)

Patient Assistance Programs help patients obtain free or low-cost medications once they meet certain state and federal qualifications. But processing the myriad pieces of information needed to get and maintain these qualifications can be hard to manage for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. The programs are designed to help patients, but in many cases they just add another layer of stress and frustration. This is especially true for businesses dealing with patients without access to newer technologies and processes.

zPaper can help.

We have developed a data model that integrates so well with Salesforce that users can work in whatever systems they currently use and can still be able to communicate with all parties involved. The applications, financial information, and medical records involved in the patient assistance process are all handled through a secure and automated system. Diagnoses and medical needs that are documented by the treating physician, nurse, or patient advocate iare captured, as well as information gathered directly from the patient or pharmaceutical rep. zPaper captures all this data and automatically routes it to the correct place, securely and seamlessly.

Since zPaper has been specifically built to take advantage of Salesforce rules, workflows and triggers, it becomes an automated switchboard for routing your information to the right place at the right time. It reduces the need for managing and processing the multiple pieces of information in the Patient Assistance process.

Patient Assistance should be just that: assistance. But often the process is so thick with red tape that patients don’t get the help they need. Improving the data-gathering procedure and automating the flow of documents simplifies and streamlines the process for everyone.

That way we can all get back to the best part of our jobs in healthcare—helping patients get the help they need. That’s what Patient Assistance Programs are for.

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