Prepare for an automatic & hands free filing system

Filing information is expensive because it’s time consuming. Systems that require staff members to dig into folders—physical or digital—to find, route, and store documents takes time. It absorbs valuable resources and delays response time to patients and clients. This factor, above all others, is what contributes patients feeling unimportant and underserved. zPaper is committed to fixing that. We are designed to capture data and automatically route it to the right place quickly and efficiently. Our automatic filing system allows you to focus on the patient, not on figuring out what to do with their information.

zPaper has been specifically built to take advantage of Salesforce rules, workflows and triggers.

On top of that, it has its own proprietary rules engine that facilitates the integration with Salesforce standard and custom objects. That means zPaper becomes an automated switchboard for routing your documents to the right place in Salesforce. No guess work, no searching and no replication of tasks.

We’ve also created a process for storing completely new information. When a new client sends a document, a new manual record does not need to be created. zPaper’s proprietary rules engine does it for you. It is designed to scan existing records, via a barcode or fax line association, create a new record on the fly, and then store the incoming data into the new record in Salesforce. All without any interaction from your staff, the client, or you. zPaper pulls data out of all incoming documents, old or new, and automatically stores it in Salesforce. Automatic filing is here. Responding quickly to customers is critical to any business’s success.

Let zPaper be your automatic filing system and allow your staff members to focus their energies on what matters most: the patient.

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