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An intuitive console for document management

What good is a tool that does everything you want if the interface is a convoluted mess? Usability breeds efficiency and we believe in that mantra. Our control panel is designed with your business workflow in mind.

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Manage all your documents with ease

You don't have just one type of document in your business work flow, you have several. Many of them need to relate to one another after they have been filed. Automating how documents interacts can save your staff time, money, and sanity.

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Marking up documents right in Salesforce

We know as a team there is a need to mark-up documents and to do it in a collaborative environment. With zPaper your entire team can mark-up and collaborate on the same document at the same time right in Salesforce without any worry of document corruption.

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The engine that makes everything possible.

The programming that makes all this possible, the powerhouse behind the technology is our proprietary Rules Engine. This isn't the little engine that could this is the little engine that does. The heart of platform is specifically designed to accelerate business.

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Make indexing your documents as simple as clicking a button

Getting a stack of documents that might or might not be related all at once can grind a day to a halt. With zPaper indexing it can be a fairly quick and painless process. With a few simple clicks you can make a world of difference in the flow of your business.

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Analytics & account logging show how your business is doing

Salesforce has built analytics, reporting, and activity logs into its core system. We just make it better. More in-depth tracking and linking to records gives you better control of how you can use the data you receive from the activity in your account.

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