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zPaper makes communication easy for your patients & clients

It can be difficult enough communicating with clients & patients in a way suited to them but getting them to communicate back is even harder. With zPaper we make it so it doesn't matter how people communicate with you. Whether it is email, web portal, or even a legacy fax machine we have you covered.

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Prepare for an automatic & hands free filing system

One of the most time consuming elements of business is paperwork. Finding and filing documents, whether it's physical or digital, can manually take hours. Remove the manual part of that and let zPaper remove all those hours with blink-of-an-eye fast automation. No guess work, no searching and lost hours of manual labor.

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Push data directly into Salesforce

The problem with data collection is that so much time can be spent manually importing the content from forms into your system. Patient records, government forms, and any other form information you can think of can be captured automatically.

Change the way you communicate with your clients & patients >>>

Automate messages with a personal touch

Communicating with patients and clients is an essential part of healthcare and business. However, not all communication can be personally crafted. Being able to pull data out of Salesforce and generate a personal email without any human interaction changes the communication game.

Pull data from forms automatically >>>

See how zPaper helps you build more efficient connections.

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