Referral Management

Sending, receiving, and keeping track of referrals is a job all on its own and added to what your business is already handling, it can become very labor-intensive. And that’s if things run smoothly. If there are mistakes or missteps along the way, managing referrals can become overwhelming.

zPaper has a solution for referral management.

We developed a system that allows your referral management process to flow unimpeded. Users can work in whatever systems they are currently familiar with and will still be able to communicate with all parties involved. Information form referring doctors and referees can be automatically pulled and incorporated in to your Salesforce workflow.

Once a referral comes in, through any format—email, web portal, other systems directly, or paper fax–zPaper takes over. Not one staff person has to touch it. We automatically route it to where it needs to go within the scope of the Referral Management process and initiate any workflow trigger that needs to be applied to that referral. Then the data is seamlessly routed to the appropriate record.

Since zPaper has been specifically built to take advantage of Salesforce rules, workflows and triggers, it becomes an automated switchboard for routing your documents to the right place at the right time. No guess work, no searching and no need for employees to spend time on managing information when they can be focusing on the patient’s care.

The ultimate goal of Referral Management is to allow your staff to dedicate time and energy on the patient instead of navigating a complex and frustrating stream of information. Creating a seamless flow of documents that doesn’t get backed-up with errors and re-work makes your businesses more efficient and effective. And lets the patient come first.

We make sure that flow is on-track and secure, so you can focus on people instead of process.

See how zPaper helps you build more efficient connections.

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