Rules Engine

It’s no accident that the word engine shares its root with the word ingenious. An engine, at the center of all things that run, rattle and roll, is an ingenious device. It creates speed and power. It makes things move. It makes things happen. And at the core of zPaper’s software platform is an ingenious device of its own, the thing that makes everything happen so that you can run your business efficiently. It’s called the Rules Engine.

When we developed the concept of automating the paper process, we made one decision at the outset: it must be seamlessly integrated within Salesforce.

Having used tools on other platforms, we knew that adding layers to an already complex system wouldn’t create the easy-to-use tools we were going for. Our goal has always been to make the flow of documents better. So we worked hard to develop a platform that blends effortlessly with Salesforce software. Everything we built is tied to the interface that Salesforce users are already familiar with.

How did we achieve this seamless integration? By building an engine designed to carry the load of managing documents. And the way we did this was by figuring out how to automate the tasks that slow people down every day: routing inbound documents, filing, data entry, processing forms, mass sending, and more. Our Rules Engine takes what were time consuming chores and automates them, much like the washing machine replaced hauling laundry down to the stream and scrubbing each piece on a washboard—and you never even have to look “under the hood” to figure out what to do. We designed our software to safely and securely perform document management tasks without having to learn how to use a new software system. If you know how to use Salesforce, you know how to use zPaper.

zPaper’s Rules Engine automates the work of managing documents like never before. We think it’s pretty ingenious!

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