Secure Delivery of important information

People still balk at sending important information through fax, email and mobile devices—for good reason: security. Most medical and legal information is sensitive and meant for certain parties—how does the sender know that the information gets into the right hands? This has been a significant concern for all businesses since things started moving to the cloud. But it isn’t a problem if you are using zPaper.

For patients and clients who prefer email, we offer fully secure transmission: instead of sending an attachment, the user sends an email that contains a link to the document. The link requires authentication before the client or patient can give out the information. The link is generated by using specific information that only the sender knows. For those who are more comfortable with password-protected modes of encryption, they can generate their own passwords before sending materials. zPaper makes secure delivery of important information easy and painless.

Faxes are still the gold standard for secure delivery in many industries.

zPaper supports legacy fax machines, adding an extra layer of secure delivery by applying barcode technology. Using an advanced tracking system, barcodes are applied to outgoing forms–when they come back, filled out with the sender’s information, the data in the form is automatically routed to the appropriate record in Salesforce. The document hasn’t changed hands at all, it’s just been travelling in a closed loop and the information has stayed secure.

And for clients who are on the move or working remotely, zPaper offers a solution that enables them to send documents, links and data to and from their mobile or handheld device without a worry. It’s all delivered securely and easily, giving them the confidence that the right information will reach the right people.

Send sensitive and important information without the anxiety of cloud-based security issues with zPaper.

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