Mass Send Documents Securely

Send secure personalized messages to hundreds of recipients via fax, email or mobile device. With the many methods of mass-sending, even faxing, there is always a concern about the security of sensitive documents. HIPAA requirements and oversight in all industries require businesses to take secure sending seriously. Your business is held accountable for the security of mass-sending sensitive material now more than ever. zPaper has your back with secure mass sending capabilities.

zPaper’s end-to-end automation process creates a secure mass sending environment whether documents are coming, going, or just sitting on the server.

Knowing that sending documents out on a mass scale could have sever consequences if done improperly, zPaper has put in place multiple safe guards that are easy to configure. With simple set-up, clients can limit who has authority to initiate a mass send, what templates they can use, and even which Salesforce records can be used to create your recipient list.

The process begins as soon as you save the data for a form or document into your Salesforce records. That information, stored on Salesforce secure servers, can be pre-populated into templates digitally without the need for manual input.

Once the form is complete it can be sent to any recipient, anywhere, to any device: via email or text on a handheld, phone or even via a good old fashioned fax machine. zPaper has developed a unique method of security for each device. Sending files to clients’ phones via SMS requires them to click on a link. While they interact with the file, zPaper encrypts and stores the information securely and under protective cover. When the client sends it back, the file is safely on its way to the right place. zPaper secures mass emails in the same way. When faxing securely, zPaper designates a cover sheet to be sent with sensitive documents. It is secure even if it is waiting on a fax machine. zPaper provides peace of mind to your clients and gives your businesses an edge.

Fax, email and text with confidence with our secure mass sending technology.

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