Document Automation that revolutionizes business.

We are in an age of digital information. But “digital” and “automatic” are not the same. Digitized information still needs to go somewhere to be processed, and while we have reduced the need for paper documents, we haven’t simplified the process. Actually, we’ve made it worse—we don’t even stop to think about creating a PDF or Word document and sending it off—it’s so much easier than typing it up, printing it, and mailing it!

So with all those documents going back and forth, we still feel overworked. Managing the flow of digital information still requires all the steps of traditional paperwork: we create the document, find the information to insert into it, file it, and send it off to a waiting client or patient. And then we worry that the information is secure and the recipient takes care of it in a timely fashion.

But what if the entire process were automated?

What if your referral forms could be automatically filled-out? What it they could be sent and received securely and filed appropriately? What if your client contracts automatically triggered follow-up emails? Your business would truly operate at peak efficiency and the stream of information would flow unimpeded.

zPaper believes this is how every business should operate. So we designed the world of Document Automation. Leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform zPaper, we created a worry-free environment where your documents essentially take care of themselves. Every zPaper platform can automatically generate, populate, send and receive, file, follow-up on, and trigger workflows with almost any document your business handles. It can be structured to your business so it knows who to notify, as well as when and how, including via email, text messages or even via a legacy fax machine.

Document automation allows your business to work with high efficiency with the smooth and secure flow of information. Turn your digital documents into automatic documents now!