zPaper makes receiving communications from your clients easy.

Optimize your clients’ experience by allowing them to communicate with you in the way that’s easiest for them. Your clients have specific methods of communicating and asking them to fit into one way of doing things can often mean frustration and loss of potential business. That’s why zPaper is set up to receive and capture information in a variety of ways. We make sending communication easy by being able to receive scans, faxes, emails or files sent through an ftp site or web portal. And we can plan ahead for any transitions you may have in the future for sending documents.

Sending communications to you should be an easy process for your clients and patients.

If your patients and clients prefer email, there are two effective ways to capture their information. One way is to send a form embedded in an email. Once the patient receives the email, they fill out the form, hit the submit button and the information is sent straight to the designated Salesforce record. However, if you’re looking for a fully secure method, you can send an email that contains a link to the form; the link requires authentication before the client or patient can give you their information, and the process is much more secure.

zPaper supports legacy fax machines and scans as well. Initial set-up within zPaper automatically notifies the right person on your team that a new document has come in and needs to be attached in Salesforce to that account. Then barcodes are applied to the incoming fax, routing the information to the appropriate record in Salesforce. zPaper even has the ability to allow your team, clients, or patients to scan documents and then upload them via ftp.

Finding ways to allow your patients and clients to communicate with you can slow business down and create needless frustration. With zPaper we allow your customers to send information to you in whatever way fits their business process.

We make receiving communication easy and capturing data completely seamless.

See how zPaper helps you build more efficient connections.

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